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Jangpungi Experience School

Jangpungi Experience School

Jangpungi Experience School is an educational farm designated by the Rural Development Administration. It offers around 20 programs (including career path exploration experiences) with the themes of nature and insects, which are linked with kindergarten, elementary, middle, and high school educational curricula. The programs include the Insect (Career Path Exploration) Experience, Traditional Cooking Experience, Insect Cooking Academy, Craft Experience, Golf Experience, Domino Experience, and more.
Through the programs designed for families with kindergarten and elementary school students such as the Insect Experience and Craft Experience (Rainbow Insect, Rubber Band Gun, Airplane, and Queen Bee, etc.), Traditional Cooking Experience and Farm Party, Golf Experience, and Domino Experience, guests can kill three birds with one stone, enjoying a family trip while educating their children and gaining experience in farming.

Entertainment (Experience Programs)

  • Insect Experience: Learn about the life cycle of insects and visit a breeding farm where you can observe caterpillars and imagoes.
  • Craft Experience: Use paper or wood to make a rainbow insect, rubber band gun, airplane, queen bee, and more.
  • Golf Experience: Play mini-golf in individual games or team games.
  • Drum Experience: Try playing the drums to make exciting and grand sounds.
  • Domino Experience: Play domino games with your family in individual, one-on-one, or group matches.
  • Traditional Cooking Experience: Cook traditional Korean dishes using a cast-iron pot such as boiled beef slices and whole chicken soup with rice.
  • Insect Cooking Experience: Learn about edible insects and make dishes using them.
  • Farming Experience: Harvest a native species of kiwi fruit, waxy corn, sweet potatoes, and potatoes with your own hands.
  • Farm Party: Enjoy a farm party with your family on the grass of the mini golf course.
  • Cooking Practice Room (Cafeteria)
  • Up to 32 people can cook or have a meal at the same time
  • Sleeping (Accommodations)
  • Education Hall: It can accommodate up to 30 people, including 4 ondol rooms for up to 5 guests each and a group room.
Important Information
  • Please make prior reservations to participate in the programs.
  • The Jangpungi Experience School is a non-smoking area, and consuming alcohol on the premises is forbidden.
  • Please recycle your waste appropriately in each bin.
  • Please do not enter areas on the premises other than the experience facilities.
  • Capturing and collecting animals and plants is forbidden.
  • Please work with us to provide pleasant experiences according to the safety guidelines.